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92                              LETTERS   FROM   THE

came up to us, and Mrs. C* begged Mm to join
his entreaties to hers. I declined it, saying things
were too far gone, and I could not think of re-
porting what was possibly not true and which
might prejudice them against her. ** I might just
as well," said I, "take a pistol and attack her on
the high road."

" Road, sir ? " said George, " I can now tell
you who is bound to repair the road at Shiel-
row"; apd away he went helter-skelter after his
road, without our being able to stop him or bring
him back to the original subject.

September 1791.

We have been spending a very agreeable time
at Whitfield in Allandale. Allandale is a neat
little town over the Allan, almost every building of
which is a public-house for the miners. Whitfield
is a large new mansion, built about four years,
the offices and stables complete, the situation
wild and beautiful, the hills being bold and well
wooded, and the moor-land at a proper distance
in the view. A great deal of hanging wood, on
the left side, borders the river, and the uneven
lawn is well dotted with trees.